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Gratus is an app that adds kindness and humanity into the curriculum of educational institutions. School is difficult – teachers are under appreciated while students are often lost in the crowd, but Gratitude makes everything better by integrating empathetic communication as part of a routine writing task. From a simple “Thank you” to a long letter of appreciation, students will exchange compassionate messages to fellow classmates or teachers, spreading everlasting ripples of appreciation around campus. Gratitude  – bringing joy and teaching life’s greatest virtue.

Our Features

Gratus features are simple and easy to use!

  •     GRATITUDE    


Students show gratitude for their teachers and peers.

A simple thank you, or recognition can go a long way. Share gratitude and build each other up with sharing positive statements.



Students can upload weekly gratitude statements show appreciating for teacher & fellow students.

After submitting their statements the teacher can approve or send a suggestion revision to the student wether it’s a spelling or grammatical error its the teachers discretion to request an edit.



Each gratitude statement is first reviewed by the teacher.

This prevent un-wanted posts by students so they can be easily filtered by the teacher. If a statement is not formatted correctly or improperly worded a teacher can deny and the student must fix the errors.



Create events as a teacher or student

Any teacher or student can create an event in the app. Teachers will be able to coordinate events and attendance. Student created events will first have to be approved by their teacher.  



In-app Student Daily Journal

Students will be able to log daily journals in the app to gather their ideas vital to creating a powerful and genuine statement of gratitude.

Enroll my School

Principals try out Gratus and improve your school culture.

Our Process

Gratus support is always there for you!

Step 1: Principal School Enrollment

Principals can create their account and have their school listed on the Gratus App in minutes. Easily manage teachers roles and permissions in their own back-end management platform.

Step 2: Teacher Invitations

Once a teacher has accepted a principal’s invitation they can begin inviting and managing their students. Teachers then can approve and coach gratitude statements written by students.

Step 3: Student Invitations

After students are added to their perspective classes by their teachers they can submit statements of gratitude to get approved. Once approved they will earn credit in class and learn how to show gratitude for their peers by supporting one another.


Gratus offers support to principals and teachers when enrolling and managing user permissions.

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Gratus is available for download on iOS and Android mobile devices.

iOS App

Coming Soon to the Apple App Store.

Android App

Coming Soon to the Google Play Store. 


We Love Your Feedback

Help bring more gratitude to school by offering your insight.

It’s the Gratus App Team’s mission to change school culture for the better. Everyone can show appreciation for students, teachers and all staff members for their hard work and dedication. Helping build a safe more positive and engaging atmosphere will encourage children, teens, and young adults to enjoy and love learning.

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